Jill Of All Trades Cleaning and Vacation Rental Services
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Five Star Cleaning Services

Jill Of All Trades Five Star Services feature cleaning, laundry, repairs, and restocking for vacation rentals and homes. We consistently get 5 star ratings for our customers and a five star guest experience!

  • Cleaning & Laundry

  • Maintenance & Repairs

  • Restocking & Labeling

  • Licensed & Insured

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Vacation Rental Service Management

Our personal Service Managers simplify your property management with the reliability and dependability of a service management company having 12 years of vacation rental experience. You can count on Jill Of All Trades to keep your property ratings high!

  • Personal Service Manager
  • Scheduling
  • Property Checklists
  • Damage Assessment & Reporting
  • Quality Control & Inspections
  • Renter Experience Upgrades

Vacation Home Services

5 Star Service for residential and vacation homes! With Jill Of All Trades managing your vacation home you'll be treated like a 5 star guest!

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Five Star Service

After 12 years and thousands of turnovers we've figured out what it takes to get five star ratings consistently. We start with good instructions and attention to details, add pride in workmanship with vacation rental know how plus quality control and build a team of people that work to get you five stars on every rental. You can read our tips for consistently high ratings in the Five Star Blog. We also provide our Five Star Services for our residential and vacation home customers too! We like that "Wow, Nice Place!" feeling when we're leaving and your guests are walking in!

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Attention to detail and quality workmanship to make your property shine! We provide deep cleaning services too.


Fresh towels and linens keep your guests smiling. Available on and off site. Folded towel animals available on request!


Never worry about dead batteries in the remote control and burned out light bulbs again! We work to keep it all working. And prevent unwanted surprises!


Drains clogged? Toilet not working? When minutes count during fast turnarounds our handymen come in handy!


Nobody wants to run out of toilet paper, or paper towels, soap or shampoo either! And there is a lot more to keep in supply. We'll keep your property fully stocked for happy guests!

Custom Labeling

Brand your property with custom labelled soaps, shampoos and other toiletries! We can make you property stand out!


We're in this for keeps! All locations are licensed where required by law.


We protect your property and our staff against the unexpected.

services for five star ratings

Who Can Do It All?

Jill Of All Trades!

Five Star Services

Vacation Rental Service Management


Vacation Rental Service Management

We understand the vacation rental business. To maintain great ratings requires an experienced staff like a good hotel, but you need to manage it from a thousand miles away! Our Vacation Rental Service Management is your staff on the ground. We provide the know how and local connections to keep your properties working for you at a fraction of the price that property management services cost.

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Service Managers

Personal service with one point of contact for your properties. Our service managers are professional and competent to keep your property servicing your guests even in the most difficult situations.


Just give us your rental calendar or let us provide one for you and we'll handle the rest. You don't have to worry about picking a good time for your property service, let our managers do the work for you!


Quality services starts with your requirements. Our checklists provide detailed cleaning instructions based on years of vacation rental experience. Want us to move the refrigerator and dust? Just add it to your checklist and we'll make sure it gets done!


Worried about how the renters left your property? So are we! We'll provide you with damage and condition reports if we find things wrong. Get real time pictures and comments from our technicians while they are on your property so you can act quickly to correct guest problems.

Quality Control

Getting you consistent ratings requires constant monitoring and improvement of our services. We employ time tested quality procedures like training, inspections and performance ratings to keep our services five star rated.

Renter Experiences

Want to offer your renters a better experience? We can help. Our local gift baskets deliver those treasures that make each place unique with locally produced products and discounted vacation experiences for your guests. We also offer equipment and baby furniture rentals too!

Relax! Let us clean and maintain your vacation Home!

Vacation Home cleaning maintenance repair services

NEW! Vacation Home Services

Why not treat yourself like a five star guest? We'll manage your vacation home like it was a rental with all of the services we provide for the best guest experience right in your own vacation home! Just let us know when you arrive and when you plan to leave and we'll handle the rest!

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Cleaning & Laundry

All of the same quality cleaning and laundry services we offer our vacation rental clients means you don't have to spend your vacation time doing work! Let us handle all of that hassle for you after you leave!

Maintenance & Repairs

Don't spend your vacation working on your house! That can't be why you have a vacation home. Let us handle it and spend more time actually vacationing!

Restocking Supplies

The last thing you want to do is drive to the store for toilet paper when you finally get the chance to relax! We'll take care of keeping your place fully stocked like you're walking into a hotel room!

What our customers are saying about us

"We have truly enjoyed a very good working relationship with Jill of All Trades for over two years and have found them to be exceptionally responsible in all aspects of cleaning. They have excelled in all aspects not only in cleaning but in being useful in other aspects of services such as repairs, lawn services, appliance repair just to name a few.

Jill of All Trades and the staff are all very pleasant, helpful and thoughtful and do a consistent job every time. They know exactly how and where I like to have my things and they always put everything in the appropriate place just as if it were their home."

Homeaway property ID # 3809142
Fara D

"Owning a vacation rental home is a lot of work!  Knowing I have Jill of all Trades to rely on to keep our rental home ready for our guests is a huge relief!  Jill and her staff do a great job keeping up with all of our needs! We'd be lost without Jill and her staff!"

Maureen of Tavernier

"My Wife and I have owned our Condo in Tavernier for almost 10 years now, renting it out for most of the year. We live in the Northeast so finding a cleaning service that is reliable, dependable and someone I can call at a moment's notice to address an issue was not only key, but a necessity!
We endured three (3) other cleaning services before we found Jill in early 2010, but since that time she has remained our one and only cleaning and maintenance service. Jill and her Team not only provide top notch, high quality cleaning but do so in a timely manner and at a very reasonable price!
With a doubt, Jill of All Trades Cleaning provides the best, most efficient and timely cleaning in the Keys and I highly recommend her and her Team!"

Jim & Julie B

"I have been using Jill of All Trades Cleaning for almost 2 years. Their work is consistent and most importantly,  they are ALWAYS reliable! With being so far away, I have confidence that my vacation home and business are being taken care of and running smoothly. Jill of All Trades Cleaning not only turns the property over between renters, but coordinates services and repairs for when we can't be there...including times of emergencies and hurricanes! That to me is what counts and matters most. Thank you Jill of All Trades Cleaning!"

Jen R

"I own a couple of homes in Islamorada and I have been using Jill of All Trades for about 6 years now. Jill and her staff have all been amazing! They have never missed a clean and they are always there for anything I need. As I am not local, I sometimes get into a bind with last minute issues. Jill is always there to help out to take care of the situation. Her staff cleans great and is very trustworthy and responsible. I even had a tenant leave their engagement ring and wedding ring in my home and her staff returned it immediately. They took care of shipping it back to my customers and made me look good! Her staff has fixed handrails, hung microwaves, or just filled my propane tanks for me at a moment's notice. They have great service and I always recommend them to my friends and clients. I highly recommend Jill of All Trades!"

Scott & Nikki O

"Professional, thorough and reliable cleaning service.  Jill is always available for any special needs or requests I may have and all the staff are great !  I highly recommend Jill of All Trades Cleaning service!"

Craig D

I have used their services for just under one year.  I am very impressed with the staff's attention to detail, and making my place immaculate.  Anytime I have had an issue in my rental property, they helped secure whomever I needed to cure the issue.  They have been so professional to work with, and always available for any issues.  Everyone that rents from us notes how clean and well stocked the unit is.  We use this as our second home, so it's important that we keep it beautiful for both our renters and our own personal use.
I would highly recommend Jill of All Trades to anyone looking for cleaning services.

Our beautiful unit in VRBO is 773371

Cara D