The Jill Of All Trades Story

I Started Jill of All Trades Cleaning, Inc. in 2007 to offer cleaning services throughout the upper Keys. At first there was just me and I cleaned residential properties.  As more and more happy customers recommended more and more happy customers, I grew my staff and started cleaning vacation rental properties and  within a few years expanded even more.  As the company grew I improved our cleaning practices by using our own equipment and supplies, adding checklists and brought in handymen, electricians and others to fully cater to the vacation rental industry, vacation home owners and private homes.

But as the company grew there were many more calls, quotes, bookings, scheduling, time sheets, invoices and customer service calls. We needed websites maintained and advertising too. It quickly became overwhelming and the chances for something to go wrong grew exponentially as the company grew. We needed to do something.

We started to develop our own app to manage the cleaning business. We had learned so much about what could go wrong and how to avoid it! But developing an app is even further from managing a growing cleaning company. It wasn't working but we knew what we needed now.

Then we found Jobber. Jobber had all of the features we wanted in an app to run our business and more. It took us months to transfer all of our clients and properties, workers and schedules into Jobber and set up all of the features that simplify running the business. And it has worked great! Jobber is an excellent company and the software is constantly being improved. And then the pandemic hit and the cleaning business changed.

I see so many people that used to work in hotels and resorts striking out on their own and starting their own cleaning business. They are determined and hard working like I was in 2007 and are facing the same growing problems I did, but without the support I had to help me manage and sustain the growth with digital marketing, IT and support for the websites, advertising campaigns and software that the business relies on every day.

Today we are offering to partner with these entrepreneurs and provide them with the systems we have implemented to simplify how they manage the growth of their cleaning business. We want to make it as simple as quote-clean-get-paid without the overhead and know how needed to do it all on their own.

We support a diverse group of independent people who are hard-working, reliable, trustworthy and provide affordable services to our customers. I hope to make it easier for our partners to succeed by focusing on the core value of the service they provide and not the infrastructure needed to run a service business. And to make it easy for our customers to get 5 star cleaning services anywhere and anytime. 

So if anyone reading this is interested in simplifying how to become a successful independent entrepreneur in the cleaning business you can find out more about partnering with us here Partner With Us

Jill D., Owner

Jill has been an entrepreneur for most of her working life. She and her husband started an electronic manufacturing and design company in their garage in New Jersey in 1986 and ran it for 20+ years.  The company grew to employ 30+ people and provide products and services to hundreds of clients. In 2005, she and…


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