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Five Star Cleaning

Guests expect to walk into a vacation rental and say, “Wow! This place is nice!” Most complaints about vacation rentals are centered around cleanliness – especially kitchens and bathrooms.  

Vacation rental owners need a professional company that is able to provide not only standard house cleaning, but a vacation rental cleaning – which involves quite a bit more attention to detail than an average cleaning job. Jill of All Trades Cleaning, Inc. is located in a huge vacation rental destination – the beautiful Florida Keys: Key Largo, Tavernier, Islamorada. It is important not to get a bad review so this is just some of what we do.

  • each worker is trained to clean for the highest cleaning standards by one or more of our location managers
  • each worker is provided with a detailed checklist (room by room, area by area) that they must follow that was created by upper management and customized by each client
  • when finished in a room, our workers are trained to double check their work for such things as hair in the shower, blinds that aren’t uniform, couch pillows not fluffed, light bulbs that need to be replaced
  • we found that a cleaning followed by an inspector makes for the 5 star service that renters, our customers and Jill of All Trades expects

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