Five Star Quality Cleaning

five star cleaning

Five Star quality means exceeding our customers expectations.

Since we started Jill of All Trades Cleaning over 15 years ago we have been working continuously to improve the quality of our services. When something went wrong we not only corrected the problem as we guarantee, but we analyzed the cause and implemented changes to prevent the problem from happening again. Often these changes came with increased administrative costs but it’s been our experience that these investments are paid back with satisfied customers and a growing business. Here is how we approach exceeding our customers expectations.

First we have to establish what our customers expect. There are the logistics of the job, like the where and the when and then there are the things our customers expect to get done. We have created standard checklists for each of the cleaning services we offer that list what we will do in each room on the property. This is a good starting point but often our customers want some extras not on the standard lists. Our checklists are flexible and we customize them for each property. Our quotes include the customized checklists so it’s clear to our workers and our customers what to expect will get done.

The where and the when for each visit is another area we have worked to improve over the years. We found that having to rely on emails, texts and spreadsheets to schedule jobs and to communicate with our workers, managers and customers is prone to errors. And it’s especially difficult to handle when changes happen, and they happen all the time! 

So we’ve implemented a cleaning service management app to handle this from a centralized database. Our customers can access the work that is scheduled, request new work, get and approve quotes and checklists, and pay bills online. Our workers can see the properties they are scheduled to clean and the checklists for them on their mobile app. And they can locate properties and any special instructions, clock in and out of jobs, and see a map that guides them to their next job. And everyone gets notifications for upcoming, in progress, and completed jobs.

These systems and checklists help but the most important thing we have found to consistently  provide quality cleaning services is finding the right people to work with. We hire people that put exceeding our customers expectations as the highest priority. They show up on time, know what our customers expect, and take pride in seeing our customers say “Wow!” when the job is finished. 

There is an option to tip our staff on our invoices and the extra pay is always appreciated but it’s also a way for our customers to give us feedback and say that we did exceed their expectations and provided five star quality cleaning services!

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