Lower Cleaning Business Costs Partnering With Jill Of All Trades Cleaning

Cut Costs with Digital Marketing and Business Services

Partnering Means Lower Cleaning Business Costs

Many cleaning companies start out with the owner doing all the cleaning. That’s how we started in 2007! There weren’t many expenses for advertising, websites, scheduling, timesheets or invoicing. It was just me! But I could only do so much work. And the business was growing quickly. I added more cleaners and got more jobs that leads to even more cleaners. Pretty soon these business expenses started to add up along with the time it took. Today we have marketing, website developers and IT staff. And we use Jobber to manage our customer service, scheduling, time sheets, and online invoicing and payments. Now we’re offering to provide these business services to other cleaning companies so they can lower their cleaning business costs.

The idea is simple. Our digital marketing and advertising will produce leads. When we get a call from a prospective customer we’ll send out a request to our partners to quote the job. We pick the lowest qualified bidder and quote the job to our customer. If we get it, the lowest bidder gets the job and we create their account in our Jobber system.

Jobber’s mobile app can be provided to one manager user in your company or as many cleaners as you like. Your manager and cleaners will see how to get to the property.  Jobber’s mobile app provides a checklist for what needs to be done, and a time clock feature to track the hours worked on the job. Now it’s easy to charge by the hour and not have to hope your estimates are high enough!

We bill the customer and collect payment when the job is finished. And you get paid immediately when we get paid. So it’s as simple as Quote-Clean-Get-Paid!

Marketing and business administration limits growth

We find that the more workers we have the more business expenses we have. As your company grows these expenses and the time needed to keep up with them increases to the point that you need to hire office workers to manage it all. Plus you need to keep your website up to date and market your services online. And the more customers you have the more time your customer service takes. This becomes a drag on the growth of the company as it is trying to do the most work for the least cost. Eventually either the company’s costs increase or the growth stops and you get stuck at a certain level of workers and jobs. And if you try to do too much with too few workers the quality of service suffers as more mistakes are made. And that usually results in lost customers, further limiting the growth.

There are many more cleaning businesses since the pandemic started

The pandemic has changed the service business. Many workers in the hospitality business were laid off or let go . And there has been a big increase in the number of start up cleaning companies as these former employees have become cleaning entrepreneurs. All of them will face these problems and the expenses that go with them. We believe that centralizing these services and making them available to growing cleaning companies will lower cleaning business costs and eliminate one of their obstacles for growth.  We know if this service was available when we started out we would have done it!

Partner with Jill Of All Trades to lower cleaning business costs

If you are interested in lowering you costs and increasing the time you spend earning money please contact us here. We’re looking forward to working with the fastest growing companies in the cleaning business!





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