Vacation Rental Laundry

Vacation Rental Cleaning Laundry Service

Part of what makes vacation rental cleaning more difficult than standard cleaning is that laundry from one renter has to be washed, folded, put away or used again. What makes it more challenging is the small window of time we have to do it in.  A lot of the time, the linens and towels need extra care due to stains.

At Jill of All Trades Cleaning we suggest the following to our vacation rental owners:

  • 2 full sets of towels hung in each bathroom plus 1 extra set under each bathroom sink.
  • each bed is made with fresh clean sheets. In a closet that guests can access, some of our clients provide one to two additional sets.
  • each renter should have access to 1 pool/beach towel plus 2-4 extra.

Now this is the most important tip of all – have at least doubles of everything (including bath mats, blankets, comforters, dish towels, pot holders). In a locked cabinet, there should be at least double of everything for our housekeepers access only.  If laundry cannot be done on premises, our staff takes it off to be washed, dried, folded, stored and brought back the next cleaning.

The laundry service is a critical part of the vacation rental business here in the Florida Keys and in any vacation rental area; and, having good quality merchandise and good cleaning practices makes for 5 star ratings!

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